always know where your loved ones are

monitor your child’s location via GPS no matter where they are.

In the UK, a child is reported missing every 3 minutes.

having a child go missing is probably the worst fear for any parent. don’t let your child become one of the 8 million children that go missing worldwide every year.

always know where your child is

let trackimo give you peace of mind by tracking your child in real time no matter where your child is or where you are in the world.

why choose trackimo?

trackimo is water resistant and has a long lasting battery.

we’ve got your child covered no matter what he’s up to.

low cost

for only few cents a day you get the peace of mind that no matter what, your child is only a click or tap away from being found

sos emergency button

if your child gets into trouble, pressing the emergency button sends a smart alert via SMS or email with your child’s exact location

real-time tracking

see where your child is in real time and track your child’s movements with a full history of locations

big technology, small footprint

compact and lightweight trackimo attaches to your child securely and comfortably

world wide service

trackimo offers service all over the world, without any limitations and without additional roaming charges


trackimo‘s compact, lightweight design means it fits easily onto your child’s belt or in a rucksack

mobile apps

monitor your trackimo devices on the go with our mobile apps - available on android and iphone


your information, devices and their locations belong solely to you; we care about your privacy and security


introductory offer

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